About Nicole Davidson

Nicole Davidson works with businesses to create high performance workplaces where people contribute fully and the business thrives.

She has spent over 20 years working and leading in organisations globally. During that time, she has seen how organisations stifle their people’s desire and ability to contribute in a way that best supports the business, and the negative impact this has on productivity, performance and profitability.

Nicole believes that an organisation can start seeing results in morale and motivation quickly with the right systems in place.

She believes that an organisation can never have the success it could have unless its people are truly working as a team and expressing their full potential.

Nicole works with businesses, both on a short-term turn around and the longer term, to maintain and grow performance levels that allow their people and business to thrive.

Nicole has had the opportunity to meet a wide variety of people from diverse cultures and all walks of life. In her previous career in international education, she experienced the joys and challenges that come with living and working in countries such as Singapore, the United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, The People’s Republic of China, New Zealand, and Azerbaijan.

Over a fifteen-year period of teaching and leading in these international environments, Nicole gained significant insights into what motivates people in work and in life, our deepest desires as human beings, and the challenges we all face when it comes to focusing on what’s important to us. Her experiences also led Nicole to develop a true appreciation of the boundless human potential we all possess and a realization that people share a common desire to feel inspired and live lives filled with purpose and meaning.

She came away with some simple beliefs:

  • We want to feel inspired
  • We want to feel that we matter
  • We want to feel that what we do matters
  • We want to be happy

While walking the Camino de Santiago across northern Spain in July of 2009, Nicole came to understand the impact of the busyness many of us create in our lives, with a tendency to focus on the busy rather than the important. During this 700-kilometre, 28-day journey, Nicole was able to identify what this meant for her in her life, and she made the decision to choose a different path. No longer content to experience success and fulfillment in only some areas of her life, Nicole made a commitment to “have it all,” and she decided she would do whatever it would take to discover what that looked like for her. It was a decision that would eventually bring her back to Australia after many years away. In the words of Stephen Covey, she “found her voice” and is now inspiring others to find theirs.

Her book, ‘How To Put The Balance In Your Business – An Owner’s Guide To Having It All’, is a practical guide to creating not just a successful and rewarding business, but also a fulfilling and rewarding life.

Nicole believes the definitions of success and fulfillment are personal and unique to each individual. Our power comes from deciding what these look and feel like for us.

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